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Start with Why

Something occurred to me after a decade of coaching college sports, working with hundreds of potential student-athletes and their families…they know nothing about what they are getting into and how to navigate the waters they find themselves in.

The number of parents who are unaware of the requirements of working with an admissions office, financial aid office, and the general process of the college selection process is staggering. All parents truly, only want what is best for their children. They all come into this process with bright hopes for their children’s athletic and academic future. Dreams of seeing them score that goal to win the title…dreams of them walking across the stage on the way to their future career…with absolutely no idea on how to get there.

The college recruiting game is a massively competitive environment filled with A type personalities who all come into the competition with their own set of unique code of ethics to achieve success. But what success? All college programs are built for the same purpose, not all college programs are subject to the same rules enforced by the NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, their respective conferences, and their individual universities. This creates and breeds a place for coaches, administrators, and universities to play on such a varied playing field that it leaves prospective student-athletes and their families in their wake.

So, that is the why…why take the time to tackle these topics within the recruiting process, admissions process, financial aid process, recruiting services, NCAA and NAIA eligibility, and life after commitment…because every recruiting cycle I find more and more student-athletes and their families walk into my office without the slightest idea of the process. Leaving them open to manipulation and pressure from any and all coaches to force them into choices they are not ready for, at a cost they are not aware of, and into majors they didn’t want in the first place…just to chase their dreams and a ball. That’s why….

Let’s go!

- Coach


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